Did you know that over 10 million people in the United States suffer from some form of dry eye disease?

The unfortunate truth is that only half of the patients with this condition have even been diagnosed, making relief a near impossibility. Why is such a ubiquitous disease so difficult to diagnose? For starters, the symptoms vary wildly from person to person—one person may suffer from a chronic scratchy, dry feeling in the eyes while another excessive tearing. Both may have dry eyes! This is one of the dilemmas we face in treating this condition—so many don’t even know they have it or that they should seek treatment while it is easier to treat. The second problem is that, in many cases, patients may have a hard time finding a provider who is trained and has the equipment to treat dry eyes. The third problem is, up until most recently, a lack of adequate treatments.

Let’s address the first problem—patients not knowing about dry eye or that they even have it.

We hope that as this website grows, we can seek to educate others so they can become more aware of their condition and seek treatment from trained eye professionals, wherever they may be! We hope to accomplish this through podcasts, YouTube videos and blog posts. If there are any topics or treatments that you are interested in hearing about, please feel free to drop us an email at welcome@remagin.com.

The second problem is access to trained providers who have the proper equipment and know-how to treat the condition.

Here at the Dry Eye Lounge, Drs. Raja and Parbhu are both qualified to treat dry eye and have dry eyes themselves! Dr. Raja is a cornea specialist and Dr. Parbhu is an oculoplastic surgeon—their subspecialty training allows them to offer two different viewpoints and treatment methods. Located in Southwest Orlando, our clinic is easily accessible to most of Central Florida

This third problem is a lack of adequate treatments.

Thankfully, there has been a tremendous amount of research and ingenuity in the field of dry eyes over the last several years! This has allowed us to proceed well beyond the simple options like artificial tears. We are now able to offer several other synergistic treatments such as BlephEx, punctal plugs/cautery, Lipiflow, meibomian gland probing, conjunctivochalasis repair, IPL, amniotic membrane, and autologous serum.

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