Regular eye care is the key to maintaining good sight. If you’re not sure what kind of eye doctor to see, the following information can help. These FAQs compiled by Remagin in Windermere and West Orlando explain more about the role of opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists in the care of your eyes.

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Opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists play distinct roles in the field of eye care. If you’re interested in getting an eye exam or having a prescription written for corrective lenses, you would see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Once you have a prescription, your optician will help you choose the right eyeglasses or contacts to fit your prescription.

Your Windermere/West Orlando ophthalmologist also specializes in diagnosing and managing eye disorders and diseases. Ophthalmologists have more medical training and education than optometrists, enabling them to treat all kinds of vision problems and eye health conditions, as well as perform eye surgery.

We recommend children start eye exams at the age of 6 months. Follow-up eye exams should be made at 3 years old and at 5 years old, right before your kids start school. If your children have good vision, they can have eye checkups every two years. If they have refractive errors, it’s best to bring them in for annual eye exams, so we can monitor their sight.

Adults 18 to 60 years of age with healthy vision can have eye exams every other year. Seniors should have annual exams as they’re more susceptible to eye diseases. If you have a history of vision problems, routine eye care is a must.

If you are experiencing frequent headaches, eye pain, itchiness or soreness, blurred vision, or major changes in your vision, contact your eye doctor for a checkup. These could be early warning signs of an eye condition or disease.

Ophthalmologist can perform cataract surgeries, lens replacements, transplants, glaucoma treatments, LASIK procedures, and more to improve your vision.

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