FaceTite is a minimally-invasive contouring solution for the face and small areas of the body. This is a safe, effective and exciting treatment that offers patients significant aesthetic changes. FaceTite provides dramatic improvement in skin laxity for the face and neck without having to get a surgical facelift. This procedure is done in office under 90 minutes and does not require any scalpels or stitching of the skin. With its breakthrough technology, FaceTite will give you the results you've been looking for with just one treatment!



The AccuTite is the smallest minimally-invasive radio-frequency device that will allow Dr. Parbhu to give her patients surgical-like results with just local anesthesia in a short office visit. Patients who are looking for precision fat reduction or contouring and tightening of the skin now have the latest innovative technology from InMode aesthetics. This non-surgical, in office procedure, will allow Dr. Parbhu to target the smaller areas of the face such as brows, upper and lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, lower face/neck and periorbital. This one time procedure will safely offer impressive results with...



Morpheus 8 is a device with breakthrough technology that combines microneedling and radio frequency energy to help build collagen, lift the skin, burn fat & reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This device will remodel and contour the face and body while penetrating deep into the skin and fat for a more smooth and sleek appearance.


There is about 1-3 days of downtime with this treatment.

This treatment is absolutely safe and has been tested on all skin types.

Visible results can be seen within a few days, but typically after 3-4 weeks noticeable results will appear. You will notice improvements up to three months post treatment.

This completely depends on what your concerns are, you can notice great results after just one treatment but depending on the area of concern and your desired outcome, some patients will typically require 1-3 Morpheus 8 treatments.


MyEllevate, also known as the Zoom Lift, is a minimally invasive approach for jawline and neck rejuvenation. The ICLED® light guided suture system is used to cut platysmal bands and also to place a suture support system without incisions which immediately elevates and approximates underlying structures.

MyEllevate® is a minimally invasive non-surgical facial procedure.

No, MyEllevate® is not a threadlift. It is a minimally invasive procedure that offers patients a long lasting results.

For most patients MyEllevate® takes less than one hour to perform. There is generally very little, if any, bruising and swelling and most people can return to normal activities within a few days.

Yes. MyEllevate® can be used as a stand alone procedure or in conjunction with submental liposuction and energy based skin tightening technologies such as FaceTite.

MyEllevate® IS the Zoom Lift. See the article published in ELLE Magazine’s December 2020 Issue entitled “Meet the Zoom Lift” - click here for the full article.



MINT™ is an absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) barbed suture indicated for use in soft tissue approximation. With a decade worth of safety track record in surgery, PDO is a safe raw material that has been used for orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery for wound closure. As a safe raw material that is completely absorbed by the body through hydrolysis, PDO causes minimal tissue reaction and tissue trauma.

Not only that, MINT™ is also backed by more than 6 years of clinical studies for its efficacy and safety and is the first and only PDO suture in the US market to have received two FDA clearances.

In 2013, MINT™ received 510(k) clearance from the FDA as a Class II medical device, by demonstrating that the device to be marketed is safe and effective. MINT™ received global registrations for lifting indication from seven countries, such as the Korea MFDS, Europe CE, and China CFDA, to assure its excellent technological capabilities and reliable safety.In 2020, MINT™ became the only PDO suture in the US market to have received dual FDA clearances and is the only device of its kind to receive clearance for a lifting indication for nasolabial fold depth reduction.

MINT™ PDO thread is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia nor big incisions for your patients. There are tiny barbs strategically placed and molded all around the thread. Once the threads are placed into the skin, the barbs anchor onto sagging skin, and the thread can be maneuvered to achieve a naturally youthful and defined look.

Not only can it improve the appearance of sagging skin, PDO (polydioxanone) can also help promote the stimulation of collagen and neovascularization, which helps to improve skin elasticity, texture, fine lines, and volume for a timeless rejuvenation.

Unlike conventional sutures that cut the barbs from the integral core of the thread, MINT™ is manufactured through an innovative patented technology where the barbs are press-molded on the surface of the thread to maintain its structural integrity. The 360 degrees of helically positioned barbs are designed to maximize tensile and anchoring strength in order to securely anchor onto the 3D structure of the soft tissue for effective and powerful approximation.

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