Dr. Raja is a board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist who can provide a wide array of vision services for you, from prescribing eyeglasses to performing surgery and diagnosing and treating eye diseases.


Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition of the eyelids. It can cause your eyelids to feel sticky and your eyes to become red and irritated. It can also cause dandruff-like scales to form on your eyelids. Around half of all the patients we see at Remagin have some degree of this condition.

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Dr. Deepak Raja and his team at Remagin in West Orlando understand one of the most precious things we have is our eyesight. Whether young or older, blurry vision can result in far more than frustration. It can hinder a child’s education and end driving for adults.

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The unfortunate truth is that only half of the patients with this condition have even been diagnosed, making relief a near impossibility. Why is such a ubiquitous disease so difficult to diagnose? For starters, the symptoms vary wildly from person to person—one person may suffer from a chronic scratchy, dry feeling in the eyes while another excessive tearing.

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If you suffer from eye allergies and experience itchy watery eyes, eye swelling, or even allergic conjunctivitis, then turn to Remagin to help relieve your symptoms associated with eye allergies.

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Pinguecula occur on the conjunctiva when sun damage has occurred. This may be from UV damage that has occurred even from our childhood. While the conjunctiva tissue fundamentally changes, a pinguecula is NOT considered pre-cancerous! You can consider it to be similar to sun spots that occur on the skin as we age---these are also not pre-malignant.

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The back of the eye is filled with a gel called the vitreous. Over time, the gel becomes less gel-like and waterier and it starts to peel off the back of the retina, which is directly behind it. In the process, it can break off little pieces of itself which look like floaters in the vision.

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Cross-linking is surgery to treat a weakened or warped cornea. Disease or sometimes surgery can harm collagen—an important substance that holds the cornea together. “Cross-linking” new collagen fibers together strengthens and reinforces the cornea.

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Wearable, natural-blink technology that delivers heat to the eyelids to treat Dry Eye, Blepharitis and MGD. Patients have reported feeling comfort.

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Low contra-indication treatment designed to treat dry eye and other ocular diseases using the patient's own blood.

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