What is microneedling?

Using microneedling as a tool against aging is a great thing. Using Platelet Rich Plasma or Growth Factors in combination with microneedling can greatly improve the outcome of this treatment.

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The use of your own PRP with Micro-Needling can dramatically improve the results of the microneedling process. Why? Because growth factors are important for generating new cells and keeping cellular functions healthy. This includes things like creating new collagen and elastic fibers. There are many different kinds of growth factors and they are found abundantly in our platelets!

Microneedling will create microchannels in the skin that allow the platelets access to penetrate the outer layer. Growth factors on the skin would be of no benefit. They have to be delivered into the skin.

There is minimal downtime with this treatment and you will generally need a series of four treatments performed a 3-4 week apart. You will then want to have the treatment twice a year or more for maintenance.

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