There are many types of “lumps and bumps” that can occur on the eyelids. With her expertise in the eyelid and its anatomy, Dr. Parbhu can assess your eyelids and determine the cause of the “lump or bump” and perform the procedure to remove it.

Chalazia and styes are lumps that occur on the eyelids from a blocked oil gland within the eyelid. An incision and drainage procedure may be performed to help remove it. Dr. Parbhu can do this from the inside of the eyelid to avoid an external scar.

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Cysts, skin tags and other bumps on the eyelid may occur. A biopsy may be done to remove these bumps. Lesions that are removed are commonly sent for pathology to rule out skin cancer.

Common skin cancers of the eyelids include basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. If you have a skin cancer around the eyelid area, it is considered standard of care to have Mohs excision of the skin cancer followed by reconstruction by an oculoplastic surgeon. This is one of Dr. Parbhu’s area of expertise and an area of interest for her professionally.

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